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Talk It Out with Jodi Leib

Going Electric with The High Strung

Spaceland, June 2003
Silverlake, CA

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I'm here at the groovy joint in Silverlake to Talk It Out with Chad from The High Strung...

Jodi: Hi Chad.

Chad: Hey Jodi, how are ya?

Jodi: I'm doing well. I am feeling funky tonight!

Chad: It's not from The High Strung's music is it?

Jodi: I think it is! I noticed you have some unique styles going that your tour bus outside?

Chad: You know, it's a converted van. It was a school bus that once took rural kids to school. Basically, there's not a lot of kids out there in rural New Jersey. So we just ripped out some seats and put a loft in it to keep all of our gear in there and all of our sleeping bags and stuff. We've rigged it so that we can sleep in it but not in the desert heat. That would be cruel.

Jodi: So are you learning anything interesting on the school bus?

Chad: Good question, I like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we learn a lot about each other. Who's feet it is that smells, what kind of incense may get rid of that particular scent, where to sit so if you're a nonsmoker so the ashes won't fly back at you, and that's usually the driver's seat. We have a really horrible little stereo. We've had three now. One The Capital Years bought for us. That was sweet of them. That's who we're on tour with.

Jodi: Who is that?

Chad: They're called The Capital Years. They're from Philly. They're a really really great rock and roll band. We've been on tour with them since June. We started with them in New York and we're going all the way across the country. It's been pretty crazy. Not rock and roll crazy, you know, it's just, like, hot. There's eight guys always trying to find a place to sleep, you know, trying to eat for cheap, that kind of craziness.

Jodi: Eight sweaty, smelly and sexy guys in one bus. I think it sounds fun.

Chad: You're welcome to come with us anytime if you really think it sounds fun.

Jodi: Do you get a lot of girls on the tour bus?

Chad: Used to. This time around it's been kind of mellow, a lot of girlfriends now. So, I mean, they don't come with us, you know what I mean? But, uh, we're sweethearts. We try and stay true. We do stay true.

Jodi: That's so nice. So you've got a lot of good commitments back home.

Chad: Yeah, I guess home is different for all of us. None of us have a real place that we live at, you know what I mean?

Jodi: Yes, many artists find themselves homeless, on the road, and seeking fame and fortune.

Chad: Or just the morning, really.

Jodi: The High Strung, the endless search for spaghetti. It's kind of like a string. I get it now.

Chad: Sure, it definitely is. It's more of a flour based string.

Jodi: Are you guys hippies?

Chad: No, no, I mean, I am, but sort of, yeah, but no. I change into my jeans come nighttime. But I feel like Yuppies do that too. They probably wear shorts around the house all day and mow the lawn and then come nighttime they put on clothes.

Jodi: Yes, even yuppies find themselves naked sometimes.

Chad: Oh, yeah, you know, and more power to em'. Everyone should be naked, you know?

Jodi: So we're fellow Detroiters here. You guys are from Detroit. Is the whole band from Detroit?

Chad: All of us grew up in Detroit, yeah. Well. I don't know. I'd live in Detroit now, I'd live Downtown.

Jodi: I definitely love Downtown cause it's so artistic. It's so artsy. You guys have a really cool, artistic style. So what's your mission, what's your passion?

Chad: Really, my personal passion is to just be a genuine person.

Jodi: You guys have some great songs...Common' Loretta...

Chad: Let me put my free hand up your sweata.

Jodi: It's a fun song. You've got Wretched Boy. That's a fun song.

Chad: We made a video for that in Brooklyn. A lot of hard work went into that. Hopefully we're going to get it so that people can see it.

Jodi: You guys are like The Strokes, The Hives, The White Stripes and The Vines all blended into one.

Chad: Who, The Hives? Oh, I like The Hives.

Jodi: Chad. You're wonderful. Thanks so much for Talkin It Out. Good luck with your tour. Enjoy the desert. Enjoy the land of the free.

Chad: Thank you, I will. It was nice talk to you. It was nice Talkin It Out with you.

Jodi: Nice talking with you. Be brave on your journeys.

Chad: Always.

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