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Talk It Out with Jodi Leib

Shine the Light, Gloria Steinem!

March for Women's Lives, 2004

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Gloria Steinem personifies the meaning of Feminism. Being female. Being true to yourself. To me, the word Feminism means being proud to be female. What's wrong with that? I don't understand why the word Feminism scares people so much. More so than the Boogy Man. It's weird, actually.

Why are women ashamed to be empowered? Why are there men out there who are ashamed to love a woman? Or ashamed to be a man? Or ashamed to love, honor and respect a woman?

I guess it's because everyone comes from different life experiences and people have learned certain values and ideas. It's okay, I love you all anyway. I am a Feminist. I love men equally. I have no gender hang ups whatsoever. I wish I got paid more, but hey, who doesn't?

Jodi Leib: It's so amazing to be in your presence. You're such an enlightening spirit. How do you stay so enlightened?

Gloria Steinem: I other women.

Jodi Leib: That's great! There's a lot of talk about how Jane Roe regrets her decision and how she's an activist against does that make you feel? How is it working against Women's Rights? What does that mean to us? Does it matter?

Gloria Steinem: It doesn't have an impact, because she deserved the right to make the decision at the time, and she deserved the right to change her mind. More than 40% of all women will have had or need an abortion at some time in their lives. Each individual is important.

Jodi Leib: I'm going towards spirituality, because I think that the nature of religion is something that applies to all people, not just Republicans. Many people are religious, and I don't think that the Pro-Choice movement really even focuses on that. I mean, it does a little bit, but are you spiritual? Is there spirituality in your life?

Gloria Steinem: Very much, but not religion.

Jodi Leib: Right.

Gloria Steinem: But, that's personal. And actually, most religions are Pro-Choice. The Catholic Church approved of abortion until the 1840s, and they changed their minds because of population issues, not because of moral issues.

Jodi Leib: Kind of, looking in touch with ourselves, what is the power of making our own choices and living by our own standards? How does that translate to being a human being?

Gloria Steinem: Could you be a little more specific?

Jodi Leib: Choice is a gift that we've been given to have the freedom to be human beings. Do you agree with that? Choice is such a huge subject matter. What is the power of Choice? What does it actually mean?

Gloria Steinem: It allows you to be your unique self. Inside each person, there seems to be some voice that is both unique to that person, and universal as a human voice. It allows that voice to be heard.

Jodi Leib: Unity is One Voice!

Gloria Steinem: No, not unity is one voice, but Unity is a Chorus of Individual Voices.

Jodi Leib: I love that! Thank you so much for being a guest on Talk It Out.

Gloria Steinem: Okay. Thank you.

Jodi Leib: It's an honor to be in your presence.

If any of the readers out there remember, until I met Gloria Steinem, the tag line/slogan for Talk It Out was Unity Is One Voice....Talk It Out! I was very proud of that slogan, until Gloria corrected me. I agree with her. Unity is a Chorus of Individual Voices....Talk It Out!!!!!!

Please visit Ms. Magazine and the Feminist Majority Foundation to see the passion that Ms. Steinem built for Women's Rights just a generation ago. She is as inspiring now as she ever was. An important voice in our chorus of life.