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Heart_Soul_of_Psychotherapy275Jodi R. Leib, M.A. is a drama therapist-in-training. She earned her bachelor’s degree from University of Michigan in Film & Video Studies and her master’s degree from Lesley University in Drama Therapy Studies and Psychology Theory.

Drama Therapy for Acting Blocks is an acting technique developed by Jodi Leib to help actors and performing artists recover from fear, anxiety, and depression which often results from the self-doubt, stage fright, and constant rejection so commonly experienced by artistic people. This technique integrates transpersonal drama therapy with traditional theater and guides actors into a deeper level of self-discovery needed to experience inner emotional memories in a safe and professionally therapeutic environment.

An excerpt of her master’s thesis was published in The Heart and Soul of Psychotherapy, edited by Saphira Barbara Linden. This collection of drama therapy techniques used for a variety of therapeutic populations is available at Amazon.


Drama Therapy for Acting Blocks by Jodi Leib, M.A.


In 1996, Jodi R. Leib wrote the psychology theory for what she observed to be Antisexual Personality Disorder in individuals whose traumatic history had engulfed their personality to such degree that they could not escape a pattern of violence either directed outwardly or toward themselves.  This theory presents an understanding for how many forms of abuse including physical, mental, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse lead to lifelong problems with domestic violence, rape, gang violence, eating disorders, dysfunctional relationships, hate crimes, misogyny and gender bashing, infertility, spiritual abuse, power abuse, terrorism, gun violence, drug addiction and more, and how the whole of one’s personality can be affected and perpetuate the patterns.  When professionally trained psychotherapists begin to recognize the antisexual personality within a clinical setting, they will finally be able to help break the cycle of violence and help their patients create a world where violence no longer exists.

Antisexual Personality Disorder theory by Jodi Leib