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Talk It Out

Debra Watson of the Smokin' Aces on Talk It Out!

Debra Watson of the Smokin’ Aces on Talk It Out!

Debra Watson on Talk It Out! – Click Here for the Full Interview

Talk It Out!® with Jodi Leib is an entertainment variety program featuring musician and celebrity interviews, music videos, interviews with fans, live performances, and documentary style profiles of today’s most fascinating artists.

Talk It Out! began in 1999 and evolved from Jodi Leib’s career as a commercial and music video director. After the Columbine shootings, Jodi realized that young people had few true leaders in our culture and looked to their favorite artists to understand their own lives better. Seeing an opportunity to help musicians make a difference in their fans’ lives, Jodi interviewed a Los Angeles-based independent band called Frankie Machine. Each band member talked out their own feelings about guns, gun laws, and violence that ranged the full spectrum of for and against – and expressed a part of their lives that even their bandmates didn’t know lived beneath the surface. The conversation was engaging and transformative – and Jodi Leib knew she had a show!

With a mission dedicated to exposing the positive and inspiring leadership qualities at the core of today’s popular artists, Talk It Out!® launched on local cable in Los Angeles and Detroit on a regular basis soon after September 11, 2001. The show continues to run today online in both print and video. Interviews can be shared and commented on in social media and promoted by the artists themselves.

Topics have included social issues of all significance including the economy, healthy nutrition, women’s health, politics, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), fear of flying, gun control/gun violence, and equal rights.

Through Talk It Out!®, Jodi has helped musicians launch their careers, as well as their new albums, and has helped artists discover their own unique voice as leaders in the community. Jodi Leib continues to dig deep into the soul of a leader, revealing truth, enlightenment, humor and the  “issues” that matter.

Recent Talk It Out!® Sessions showcase Fifty Amp Fuse, and the Brian Travis Band. Check out the archives below featuring Black Eyed Peas, Breaking Benjamin, Gloria Steinem, Moby, and lots more amazingly talented artists.

Talk It Out!® is a registered trademark, and can also be found on Facebook and YouTube.