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Sterling Mire

Talk It Out - Sterling Mire - Coachella Music Festival - Coachella Valley, Indio, CA - April 2003

sterlingoffsunsetsepiaAt Coachella, I sat down in the desert day with my girly-girl Sterling Mire, chanteuse extraordinaire… a glamorous and gifted, sassy and intelligent woman with only one word coming to mind to enlighten it all – wicked!

Jodi: Hi Sterling.

Sterling: Hi Jodi.

Jodi: Where does your character come from?

Sterling: My character comes from when I got really present to when magic was happening in my life and I started looking at all those magical moments, I looked at what were the ingredients there. That’s when I saw that the catalyst or the cause came from who I was being at that time.

Jodi: Who were you being then and who are you being now?

Sterling: The difference between then and now was when the magic happened in the past it wasn’t necessarily a conscious choice it was an accident. Now, because of my awareness I have a choice and it’s something that everyone has a choice about if they awake themselves to it…in other words, we all have a say in our destiny.

Jodi: How did you come to your awakening?

Sterling: By wanting more magic in my life.

Jodi: What are you choosing to create?

Sterling: Full self expression, freedom, liberation from the past, through the transformation of music. That’s my vehicle of choice for that destination.

Jodi: You are so brilliant. How would you describe your self expression?

Sterling: Transcending any worldly limitations at the same time embracing my humanness and the limitations of the physical body.

Jodi: Your name Sterling is very self-reflective – why or how did you choose that name?

Sterling: I don’t know if I want to answer that question.

Jodi: Why not?

Sterling: Because it’s very in-depth.

Jodi: Who or what do you attribute your spiritual awareness to?

Sterling: The everything or nothing that exists simultaneously.

Jodi: If you could accomplish anything in this world, what would it be?

Sterling: Liberating everyone on this world from their limitations and the prisons, being that the only real prison is the one that exists within themselves.

Jodi: Does this one go to eleven?

Sterling: Always and beyond.

Jodi: Thank you, Sterling and good luck at your show.