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Talk It Out - Lunarclick - Phone Interview - July 2003

Lunarclick101Jodi: I’m here in Detroit talking to Claudia, rock singer from Lunarclick. She’s in Las Vegas right now and we’ve got Danielson, drummer extraordinaire, out in LA; we’re talking it out three-way across the country.

Dan: Whaaaaaaassssssssup.

Claudia: Whasss up, Jodi.

Jodi: Haay. So, enlighten me. I feel I totally need to be enlightened today.

Claudia: What would you like to know?

Jodi: I guess just to start out, what is your vision for the band Lunarclick?

Claudia: Wow! Okay. Lunarclick pretty much was created to start something completely different than we were listening to on the radio. Radio is pretty mainstream rock and growing up in the 80’s and 90’s and listening to all different styles of music, we started to realize that music just seemed very bland and corporate rock was just not our thing. So we decided to do something a little bit different that could take you somewhere away from all that biznormal. Something that will carry you away. So we started creating some sounds that were a bit dreamy and kind of moody. We starting adding and layering. I feel like Lunarclick has come a long way from where we started, and things have been flowing really quickly, recording in the studio, at home. Carlton and I started doing something very basic and soon we started getting invited to play shows. Suddenly we put the band together. We started in the fall of 2001 and since then we’ve been playing bigger shows each time and steadily gaining a fan base. So, I’m pretty excited about that. I just hope to continue growing and gaining new fans and possibly getting on a tour to reach out. We have some other fans out there wanting to see us, but, you know, that’s our next goal I think…is getting out of LA.

Dan: Definitely.

Claudia: It’s definitely possible but it’s hard because we’re an independent band. We have some ideas and we have some people who are possibly interested in taking us with them on the road. So that is definitely something that needs to happen and that I hope will happen very soon.

Jodi: That sounds great! Your music… I looove it. I was very surprised, I didn’t know quite what to expect and when I heard your music for the first time it really did take me away and it’s so transcendental. You know, it’s mystical. It’s all those great things that I love in music.

Dan: Thank you.

Claudia: Thank you.

Jodi: Oh, you’re welcome.

Claudia: Thank you. It does sound a bit like dreamy rock, you know. It’s like a cross between something that’s electronic, it’s rock, it’s got a lot of 80’s influences. Somehow it works. People can relate to it and people connect with it. Even though it’s not something that you’d hear on the radio all the time, I think it’s something that people are open to listening to. It’s not so different that people can’t connect, but it’s definitely something different.

Dan: Yeah, it makes people shake their thing too..

Claudia: Yeah, it makes people dance. It makes people happy. It makes people get out there and have a good time. And, that’s what we want. You know, there’s too much negativity out there, too much angry rock out there. We want something happy.

Jodi: That’s amazing.

Claudia: We’re really lucky because Dan recently joined the band and he’s added such a great vibe to the electronic music. We started doing everything electronic, electronic drums. There’s a really, really, interesting, cool live feel now, it’s like excitement, because now he’s adding acoustic drums and it really brings the whole live set to a different level. It’s really alive now. I’m really enjoying that a lot.

Jodi: Totally!

Dan: To put drums on top of this music, that’s always something I’ve wanted to do. There’s always been dance music out there, but they never have a real drum set going. I think it adds a unique heartbeat to it all.

Claudia: Yeah, definitely.

Dan: It’s hard to not want to play a lot of stuff, but you hold back and just play for that beat for that music and it makes people dance.

Claudia: Dan just rocks it. He just gets there and rocks it!

Jodi: He totally does. So where is your music heading creatively?

Claudia: I think we’re constantly changing and taking chances and trying new things out. We’re hoping that people will really open their minds to it. We started out a bit mellow and now it’s getting more dancy and upbeat and I see it progressing in that direction, gaining a little more energy on stage and adding more instruments.

Jodi: So what inspires your philosophy?

Claudia: Wow! To me Lunarclick is something that takes you away from a harsh reality, so I say, go out there, have a good time, and live out a dream you’ve been wanting to live and work really hard. We’re all in it for the long run. I think hard work, dedication and our fans are just amazing. I think that’s a really, really important part of Lunarclick and what they get out of it…it’s nice to look out to fans and see all the smiling faces. It’s really nice.

Jodi: If you could say to your fans what your songs are about, what your lyrics say, for people who have never heard your music before, what would you say your lyrics are about?

Claudia: That’s good that you asked me that because a lot of people listen to the music and the music sounds really happy and very uplifting, but the reality is that I’m expressing myself in a way is really deep. Every song that I write is about something that’s happened in my life or something that happened to someone that is very close to me. So, if you really look at the lyrics there’s a big contrast. I really like the fact that there is a contrast. There’s a contrast between the lyrics and the music. The lyrics are very dark actually and you can think that they’re kind of sad and very deep and very symbolic things that are going on in my life. Then you pair that up with something that is very upbeat and I think I just kind of like both of those contrasts. It’s kind of something that unless you pay very close attention to you might miss it. I think there’s a touch of mystery that goes with the music as well. They’re not your typical stories about love and suffering. I do tend to go and gravitate towards that side. I always write about things that are sad. I think that’s just my way of expressing myself. Dan, what do you think?

Dan: I focus a lot on the music and I’m not much of a lyric writer but, like, one of the things I read about in articles, how does it go, “Darker side of light, lighter side of dark,” or the other way around.

Claudia: Yeah, we reference that back and forth…it’s somewhere between…”The darker side of light and the lighter side of dark.” It’s like we’re both two extremes blended together.

Jodi: I love that and I love your website. I’ve been telling Dan about that in the last three conversations that I’ve had with him, how Lunarclicky it is. I get the meaning of Lunarclick just by going on to your website and clicking so effortlessly through your website. It’s like my favorite website out there that I’ve ever seen.

Claudia: Oh, thank you so much.

Jodi: It’s smooth. It’s like smooth sailing through the universe. That’s what I love about it.

Claudia: That’s the idea of it…something that’s pleasant that takes you away to your own Lunarclick world.

Dan: What’s amazing these days is how important a website is and how it functions with getting your music out there and talking to your fans. It’s not like you’re picking up the phone and talking to them. You can go on those message boards, that’s what they’re there for. You can talk with them and communicate with them. Right now we’ve got an “Ask Band Member” thread that just went up. People ask little questions about the band and they start to get to know you better. Then they feel like they’re more a part of what’s going on. That’s a good feeling for everyone involved. It’s really cool to go to a website and see people responding to it. So far I haven’t seen anything negative on it.

Claudia: It’s true. I think kids really connect with us because we’re on there, we talk to them, they’re like a family to us. Even though we’re far away, maybe they’re on the East coast or somewhere else. It’s hard for fans to connect with bands sometimes, but I think with us they feel they know us even though we’ve never met sometimes. By going to the site, you can look at pictures, listen to music, watch videos, ask band members questions…so it’s very interactive.

Dan: And you can find out about upcoming shows, of course.

Jodi: Is it like an extended home in a way.

Claudia: Yes, Lunarclick.net is under construction and soon to be exclusively for the fans. We call them the “Clique.” We have art work that they send in, poems they’ve written, pictures of them promoting, ideas that they’ve had, and all sorts of stuff.

Jodi: How cool.

Dan: They can meet other fans and see who else is listening.

Claudia: Lunarclick.org is nice because it’s a very simple site for those that don’t have a very fast connection speed on the computer. They can go to Lunarclick.org and it’s very simple, not a lot of flash. They can get to the point. This is what’s going on. The cool thing about Lunarclick.org is that it does have all the live videos. So you can click and it will play video, the last performance. Also, if someone’s wanting to start their own fansite, sometimes we’ll try to help them by giving them specific pictures or something just to make each fansite different so you’re not looking at the same things on every site. It’s cool.

Jodi: It’s so cool. It’s like all different rooms of a house.

Claudia: Yeah.

Dan: For sure.

Claudia: Exactly. And the rooms are decorated differently.

Jodi: I love that…it’s like totally expanded. Your music is like mind exploration expansion…kinda.

Claudia: (laughs) Thank you. Yeah. I hope it keeps growing and we get out there and play more shows. It’s nice playing in Los Angeles because there are so many great bands that it’s nice. We’ve sort of developed this network of bands and we all kind of look out after each other.

Dan: LA’s the place to find a variety of bands you can team up with because that’s where everybody is for the music, and New York, you know, as long as you can team up and combine bands, things are going to work out that way.

Claudia: Yeah. It’s good for everybody, teaming up with other bands, because you kind of cross-promote that way. So it gets more exciting, I feel, and the kids are happy to have a bunch of different bands playing on one night that they totally love.

Dan: In our band, we’ve got Rayshele and Carlton. They’re really great…and…

Claudia: The guest keyboard player we’re going to have for the next show is Mitchell. He plays for the band Berlin. We kind of have a rotating musical chairs thing going on lately and we’re really happy to have him. He’s very talented. Of course, we have Rayshele on bass. We have Carlton on guitar and Dan-the-man on drums and together were a little package (she laughs).

Jodi: Yeah, I love Berlin. Your music does sound reminiscent, but it’s totally modern, it’s today. Your voice, Claudia, sounds a lot like the lead singer of Berlin’s. Your own style is not her style, but I think your voice is similar…your vocal chords.

Claudia: Thank you. I love her voice. We’re influenced by a lot of different things. We’re big fans of Depeche Mode and also some Industrial music like Skinny Puppy. We’re somehow a cross between Garbage and Depeche Mode, with an ethereal kind of vibe.

Jodi: See, you guys would do really well in Detroit. I think you’d really hit it off here. I hope to see you guys start performing and making fans in Detroit.

Claudia: We would love to.

Dan: There’s a lot of underground stuff going on there that Lunarclick would fit well with.

Jodi: This is where it all started. The music scene is so underground and it’s illuminated at times, but for the most part, it rarely gets illuminated, and you could be the glow here. I think the people would be like a magnet to you. People would naturally gravitate towards your music. I’ve been playing it on the highway here. I’m totally into it. It matches.

Claudia: I want to find all those people that would be excited by our music.

Jodi: This is the scene here for your music. This is it. Live At The Gig, the show that Evan gave us an interview on, your previous drummer, it’s airing in the Detroit area. That’s why it’s the perfect match to have you on Talk It Out now so all the people in Detroit can learn about you and click onto your website and get familiar so that when you do come here people are already familiar with your music and hopefully will be interested in you. Can people buy your cds right from your website?

Claudia: Yeah. You can buy cds, t-shirts.

Jodi: Oh, I totally recommend it.

Claudia: Thank you so much.

Jodi: So, now, if Lunarclick is a spaceship, what does the future look like?

Claudia: Wow, I think the universe is never-ending. There’s so many possibilities.

Dan: A lot of fan involvement. I think this webscene, this website, is the beginning of all that.

Claudia: I would love to go Europe, to places like Japan and Belgum. We’re all about taking chances and changing things.

Jodi: Amazing. Well, thank you so much for Talking It Out with me and I just wish you all the best. Your music is beautiful, passionate, inspiring.

Claudia: Thank you for talking to us.

Dan: Thank you for having us.

Jodi: You’re welcome.

Claudia: It was really nice talking with you.

Jodi: Well, thanks. Alright. Peace on Earth and blessings. To me, your future just looks so bright, I love it.

Claudia: Thank you.

Dan: Right on.

Jodi: And Trance. I’m all about the Trance. I’ve been working on a song. I have a single that is very Trance-driven, Trance oriented. I think that it allows people to go to the next level in their life.

Claudia: Yeah, yeah, like getting in touch with inner emotion. Expressing yourself. I wanna hear.

Jodi: Love Is Mystical.

Claudia: Let’s hear this. When do we get to hear it?

Jodi: It’s on the Live At The Gig show, bits and clips are. It’s not finished recording yet. I’m working on it. The song is called Love Is Mystical.

Claudia: Do you write your own music or do you sing and write lyrics, or everything?

Jodi: I co-wrote the lyrics with Art Reliford and I wrote the melody. J. Knox, who’s a rapper, who I’ve interviewed a bunch of times, he did the beats. I’m in the process now of bringing in musicians who can add the layers, keyboard, drums, guitar. So, we’ll see. I’m excited. I love singing Love Is Mystical. All Our Love is Mystical. Anytime I’m down, I sing the words Love, Love, Love and I feel
all love inside. It makes me feel good.

Claudia: I love Trance, it’s so dreamy.

Dan: Is that it, Jodi?

Jodi: Yeah, that’s it.

Claudia: Bye.