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Red Love Redemption

Red Love Redemption stars Kendall Rileigh as Marlene, a resentful mother who struggles for control over her dysfunctional family life. In trying to deal with her husband’s alcoholism, she neglects her daughter Madeline, played by Abigail Gillespie.

Lost in a family of abuse, Madeline runs away, becoming the victim of a tragic accident.

Facing the loss of their daughter, Marlene and husband Braun (Jonathan C. Kaplan) must accept responsibility for their lives to win back their child’s life and love. Produced by C. Anthony Hamilton. Written and directed by Jodi Leib. 5 minutes * Official On the Lot entry. Nominated for Best Acting and Best Picture in the On the Lot user-generated awards.


Woman's Solitude

Woman’s Solitude stars Amy Moon as a twenty-something who hires a painter, played by Joel J. Edwards, to capture the woman she sees in herself. Fearful that time will pass her by, she reaches out to the painter for connection and admiration only to realize a love found within.

Written, produced and directed by Jodi Leib. 13 minutes.

Woman’s Solitude has screened for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Screen Actors Guild, Taos Talking Pictures Festival (as a work-in-progress), New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, Laemmle Theaters, Palm Springs Film Market. * Winner of Blockbuster Award for Audience Favorite at Wine Country Film Festival.


Monday's Child

Monday’s Child is a dramatic feature film that presents the many challenges facing contemporary women as they balance reproductive choices, family life, relationships, and careers. Healthcare, pregnancy, and reproductive rights are explored to further a greater understanding for the difficult decisions women confront everyday.

A compelling story, Monday’s Child exposes the social, spiritual, and philosophical landscape of human rights in the United States and abroad.

Monday’s Child reveals a physician’s heroic journey to provide healthcare to a community of women even at the risk of her own life.

Monday’s Child transcends the divisive nature of the reproductive rights debate to realize the hope of a better world for women in need of healthcare.