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About the Screenplay

Monday’s Child® is the dramatic story of an American community balancing reproductive choices, family life, relationships, and careers.   As Dr. Katherine Monroe struggles through a heroic journey to provide reproductive healthcare even at the risk of her well-being and profession, she comes to understand the social, spiritual, and philosophical landscape of human rights in the United States and abroad.


Monday’s Child® was inspired by many personal stories shared by people about their reproductive heath care and human rights.  The screenplay has been in development for the past ten years and is nearing completion.  Two screenplay reading events were produced in 2009.  The first reading featured ten actors and was staged for a live audience; the second reading was for screenplay consultants.   Monday’s Child® is a registered trademark of this project.


Monday’s Child® is an independent feature film that exposes many aspects of reproductive health.  Pregnancy and reproductive rights are explored to further a greater understanding for the difficult decisions women and men confront everyday.  The goal of the film is to unify audiences with diverse views by reflecting on issues that affect us all, thereby generating a culture of compassion for our own family, friends, and neighbors.  Monday’s Child® transcends the divisive nature of the reproductive rights debate to realize the hope of a better world for families in need of healthcare.